Chronicles of Instagram stories!

Using Instagram Story to it’s Full Potential

Instagram Story not unlike Snapchat Stories have become an indispensable social sharing tool. We at Tunnel are going to share with you the best tools provided by Instagram Story that can help boost your business and be a lot of fun as-well:

  1. Tags

Instagram gives you the tools to tag your location, letting your followers know where your shop is located, where you are currently in case of events, a live show or a big conference! It also allows you to mention on your story, just as you can on your feed posts, so you can tag and mention your associates, partners, colleagues or your favorite companies and brands! Last but not least, you can also create hashtags on your story, which is awesome for exposure!

  1. Texts and Stickers

Content reflects on your brand personality, let your followers get to know the real you, by being expressive and fun on your story! Customize your story by using the big selection of fonts, colors, styles, lines, stickers, stamps and oh god so much more! 

  1. Interactive Tools

Your Insta story is awesome to look at, but you can also add some interactive features too! You can add a Poll, for example to see what product of yours your followers enjoy more, you can add a questions sticker and answer your followers questions and also you can add a ‘DM ME’ button that links your followers directly to your Insta DMs without any extra effort. How awesome is that?

We’ve barely scratched the surface! The potential of creativity and expression on Insta stories is very high! Check out our Instagram Highlight “Tips” to learn more about how to ace your Insta Story. Happy posting! 

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